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There is simply no logic in bearing pain when science and medicine has advanced so much. Pain deters the healthy functioning of our day to day lives. Be it a normal headache or chronic pain, pain always adds extra trouble in our lives (as if we don’t have enough alrea


We work very hard. We like to party, have fun, travel, and fulfil all the demands of our precious family. But eventually to cope up with the pressure we start ignoring our health, not knowing that if we lose our fitness, we will not be able to do any of the above mentio


A lot of people think that they can stay fit and healthy by taking the right medicine at the right time. This, indeed is a myth. Staying fit and taking proper medication are entirely different things altogether. In fact, it would be wise to state that if you stay fit (a


Herbs are full of healing properties. Before the invention of modern medicine, humans relied on the science of herbs to remain fit and fine. Herbs are more like preventive medicines. And these medicines can work like magic if you believe in them. One similar herb is gra


Did you know that UAE has the most toxic air in the world? This debatable and rejected by top officials in the UAE. This is because the pollutants in air is measured by man-made pollutants along with the dust particles. Since we are a desert country it is obvious that e


Dates are not only found abundantly in the Emirates but they are traditionally rooted in our culture. UAE dates are famous and exported all over the world. Dates are wonder fruit and they are store house of nutrition. Dates still remain as a much valued symbol of our ho


UAE is growing and growing big when it comes to healthcare industry. Be it healthcare or pharmaceutical industry, UAE has pretty tight target for 2020. By 2020 UAE’s Pharma market is expected to double its revenue, from AED 11 Billion to 21 Billion.