Pharmacoeconomics Symposium 2017

Pharmacoeconomics is a sub discipline of health economics and it mainly deals with the value of one drug comparing to the other of the same category, in short words it compares different drugs which cater to the same objective or have the same value.

sleep benefits

Often we correlate hard work with the duration of sleep. We have a notion that the person who sleeps less is more hardworking as he/she spends more time for work. Often we get to hear many successful people and how less they sleep, someone sleeps for 5 hours and some ot


We all dread it but old age is like an ugly truth. We all think that we will live a long life but we do not want to come to terms with old age. With age the cells and tissues in our bodies degenerate. They lose the power to multiply and revive. Hence with aging we face

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The healthcare system in United Arab Emirates is evolving with time. It is equipped with the latest technologies and modern operative procedures in big medical establishments and hospitals. But if you are an expat in the country then you better understand the problems a


Recently Dubai health authority has announced many innovative projects, commonly known as smart projects. This projects aims at encouraging people for a healthy life, not only by taking proper medications but also improving the lifestyle and certain habits.