Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Now a days we walk in and out of the operation theatre just like we walk into a movie theatre. Though this might sound a bit exaggerated it is not far from becoming a reality. Walking into the hospital, getting a surgery done and walking out of the hospital on the same

heavy schoolbag

They say that there is no more childhood even in children. And we cannot argue otherwise because we are to be blamed for that. When they should be playing and learning and enjoying, we have overburdened them with the school bag. No, I am not against their education but


UAE is becoming a popular destination for medical tourism. With a target of half a million international medical tourists by 2020 UAE is aiming high. The same number of medical tourists are also expected from within, in total the number is 1 Million which is high, co

Overwork and Stress

Hamid is a 37 year old man. He works in a well known MNC. He has a family: mother, wife and two children. He is a hard-working man. He works overtime so that he can send his children to the best of schools and provide state of the art education. He is also happy that he

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Myth Breaker 2: Common Myths about Health In our Myth breaker series here goes the second article about some common myths about health. Since our childhood we have been keeping some common beliefs about our health and of