Vitamin D

Most Affected by Vitamin D Risk factors for vitamin D deficiency among migrants include dark-skin pigmentation, cultural practices such as veiling and insufficient sunlight exposure in the host country. It’s common among

Vitamin-D-Deficiency in Adults

The role of vitamin D in calcium homeostasis has been appreciated since 1921. However, the interest in vitamin D has been on the increase recently after the association of vitamin D with non-skeletal diseases as well and its potential role in the prevention of auto-i

Vitamin D Deficiency

Human body is designed by nature that it requires a myriad of nutrients to meet its physiological needs for optimal functioning. Diet provides most of these nutrients however, fat soluble vitamin D, generally classified as a steroid hormone and is unique for being sourc


Vitamin D is one of the most widely studied vitamins in last ten years. Researchers in the field continue to get more data worldwide on its role in the regulation of various biological bodily functions which is mostly observational at present and the quality of evidence

Vit D Conference

New Updates on Vitamin D The two-day “6th International Conference on Vitamin D Deficiency - Nutrition and Human Health” was held on the 9th and 10th of March 2017 at Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Abu Dhabi, United