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Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you to attend the 1st International Adolescent Health & Wellbeing Conference, which addresses the uniqueness of health problems faced by adolescents.
Adolescence is a critical period of transition marked by rapid physical, cognitive, and emotional development. This phase brings about multiple health challenges that are distinct from those experienced during childhood or adulthood. Adolescents encounter a wide spectrum of health concerns that demand an accurate understanding and tailored interventions.
The conference will provide a platform for you to engage with fellow experts, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration towards improving adolescent health outcomes. Through interactive sessions, keynote presentations, panel discussions, and workshops, we aim to explore multifaceted aspects of adolescent health and wellbeing.
The conference aims to empower health care providers with all the necessary tools and knowledge needed to address complex issues related to adolescent health and wellbeing problems and improve the proportion of patients receiving adequate adolescent-centered services.
Furthermore, apart from the enriching discussions, the conference will also provide ample networking opportunities for you to connect with peers, exchange ideas, and elaborate partnerships that can drive positive change in adolescent health outcomes.


Dr. Osman El Labban, FRCGP (UK), Arab Board
Chairman of the Conference
Family Medicine Consultant
Ex-Codirector of DHA FM Residency Program
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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