1st International Adolescent Health & Well-Being Conference


Adolescent health is crucial for the well-being of individuals and communities, which impacts long-term health outcomes and quality of life. Understanding the health concerns of adolescents is essential because they have distinct physical and emotional health needs. This period is affected by many factors, and they vary from social to environmental to psychological.

The 1st International Adolescent Health & Wellbeing Conference is an event aimed at empowering health care providers with all the necessary tools and knowledge needed to address complex issues related to adolescent health and wellbeing problems and improve the proportion of patients receiving adequate adolescent-centred services.

The conference features keynote speeches and lectures, plenary sessions, breakout and track sessions, panel discussions, workshops, round-table conversations, interactive Q&A, poster presentations, networking sessions, a raffle, and the best interactive person winner.

This conference will bring together Family physicians, Pediatricians, nurse practitioners, residents, family medicine allied health practitioners, public health professionals, researchers and academicians, healthcare administrators and policymakers, students pursuing medical and healthcare-related degrees, advanced practice providers, and all other health professionals to share knowledge, build skills, and collaborate for improved adolescent patient care and community health outcomes.

Learning Objectives


Facilitating interdisciplinary dialogue and encouraging interaction between professionals to share perspectives and best practices.


Knowledge dissemination and presenting the latest research findings, clinical innovations, and evidence-based practices in adolescent medicine.


Professional development to support the continuous education and skill development of healthcare professionals working in adolescent medicine. 


Networking opportunities to build professional relationships among attendees, fostering collaboration and partnerships in the field.


Identifying and discussing challenges and opportunities in adolescent medicine related to adolescent health to find solutions and driving positive change.


Perform hands-on workshops given by world-leading experts and tutors in adolescent medicine.

Why you should attend


Present research and ideas
on a global scale


Network and collaborate with scientists and experts worldwide in a variety of fields


Acquire insightful career advice and opportunities to publish research in reputable international journals.

Gain access to the most recent findings and research in the field.


Enhance professional development and growth.


Create connections and collaborate on future projects


Meet experts in the specialty and grasp medical knowledge related to adolescent health issues.


Opportunity to build skills in communication with adolescents

Target Audience:

Family physicians

Nurse practitioners

Researchers and academicians

Healthcare administrators and policymakers

Other healthcare professionals

Students pursuing medical and healthcare-related degrees

Community organizations



School teachers

Health educators, public health professionals, and all others who work with adolescents in a health care capacity.

Social workers

Residents Family Medicine Allied health practitioner


Community Leaders

Students pursuing medical and healthcare-related degrees