1st MENASO: Cerebrovascular Grand Round

1st MENASO: Cerebrovascular Grand Round

Commencing the 1st MENASO: Cerebrovascular Grand Round on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, the Medetarian Conferences Organizing (MCO) in partnership with the Middle East & North Africa Stroke Organization (MENA Stroke), a region-wide non-profitable organization devoted to a vision to reduce the overall stroke burden in the MENA region and under the patronage of Boehringer Ingelheim and Medtronic, have once again brought the spirit of the virtual conference to a full learning experience garnering this time a swooping 984+ attendees all across the world.

Founded in 2017, MENASO aims to create interactions amongst clinicians and scientists to promote and improve clinical outcomes in Stroke. Thus, for this particular first session, the Grand Round brings you the latest topics & themes in Stroke Management across the MENA region. Specialist neurologists have conducted clinical discussions related to cerebrovascular diseases and provide an in-depth analysis of the latest scientific research on how to best manage stroke and present important precautionary measures to prevent this life-threatening disease in the COVID-19 pandemic age.

Helming the virtual floor were two of the most prominent Neurologists in the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Suhail A Rukn, President of Emirates Neurology Society (EMINS) and Consultant Neurology of Rashid Hospital, and Dr. Syed Irteza Hussain of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. Together, as Chairmen, they shared their knowledge and expertise about the clinical updates of Cerebrovascular, which as defined by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) โ€œ(a) disease includes all disorders in which an area of the brain is temporarily or permanently affected by ischemia or bleeding and one or more of the cerebral blood vessels are involved in the pathological process. Cerebrovascular disease includes stroke, carotid stenosis, vertebral stenosis and intracranial stenosis, aneurysms, and vascular malformations.โ€

To shed light on the topic itself, Dr. Adnan Qureshi, Neurologist at the University Hospital, USA, and Dr. Dr. Maria Khan Junaidi, Specialist Neurologist at Rashid Hospital, UAE have discussed thoroughly two relevant cases, presented in one-shared conversation. Scientific topics ranging from cardiac investigations to the challenging aspects of stroke management have been covered in a very comprehensive manner to put emphasis and clarity about the diseases. Dr. Suhail and Dr. Syed have also contributed illuminating examinations pertaining to the cases, which of course led us to the live Q and A discussion.

Most of the inquiries from the attendees were answered promptly by the participating speakers. Dr. Adnan himself praised the audience for their thorough understanding of the subject matter, raising questions that were given a clear explanation and to back it up with their medical research merely to support the scientific data.

In a nutshell, the Grand Round was a remarkable success in its premiere in which people have come to seek a possible recovery from the grisly storm of the COVID 19 pandemic. This continuing medical learning experience is a treasure for everyone. Not only for medical professionals at large but also for common people who are very much the target to have a full understanding and be acquainted with this kind of convention.

Perhaps, spreading medical awareness is the key to attain a healthy lifestyle and live a meaningful life. 

To experience more of this webinar, mark your calendar for the 2nd MENASO: Cerebrovascular Grand Round on Tuesday, 16th February 2021 from 9 PM to 10 PM (Dubai Time), virtually live from the University of Cairo, Egypt. Save the date!

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