3rd Abu Dhabi Multiple Sclerosis Webinar

3rd Abu Dhabi Multiple Sclerosis Webinar

It was a proud moment for all of us to make the 3rd Abu Dhabi Multiple Sclerosis Webinar-2020 possible despite the adverse conditions aroused due to the pandemic.

Webinar Chairman Dr. Mustafa Shakra, Neurology Consultant at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, has officially welcomed everyone to the Abu Dhabi congress, which he termed as ‘yearly successful landmark event’.  Dr. Mustafa has expressed his sincere appreciation to all who generously helped to make the event a success. According to him, the primary objective of the event is to let the people be in direct contact with experienced neurologists in the field of Multiple Sclerosis while they deliver high quality and most updated knowledge.

Dr. Abubaker AL Madani, Senior consultant and Head of Neurology department at Rashid Hospital, has begun the webinar session. He emphasized the topic of Biomarkers to predict Multiple Sclerosis. He pushed the significance of more precise biomarkers for individualized treatment for MS patients. Amid the session, Dr. Madani has talked about the Hereditary & Immunogenetic Biomarkers and assessed laboratory Biomarkers for MS.

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