Al Ain physician Multiple Sclerosis Supporting Group: First patients and families Awareness Event

Al Ain physician Multiple Sclerosis Supporting Group: First patients and families Awareness Event

Al Ain Physician Multiple Sclerosis Supporting Group is an exceptionally distinctive event that

was held on 09 June 2023 at Al Ain Rotana Hotel, Al Ain, UAE. In collaboration with Emirates

Multiple Sclerosis Education, the supporting group seeks to raise awareness of multiple

sclerosis and enlighten individuals on the complications and prospects of multiple sclerosis

patients in both Arabic and English.

The event was chaired by Dr. Ali Mohammed Hassan, Neurology Consultant at the Tawam

Hospital, Al Ain, UAE. The compact yet intriguing program featured 10 topics presented by 5


Dr. Ali initiated the ceremony and presented his talk defining multiple sclerosis (MS). During

the event, Dr. Adnan Jalkhi, Neurology Specialist at Mediclinic Hospital, Dubai, UAE

presented his talk on the Symptoms of MS and Imaging of MS.

Furthermore, Dr. Ahmed Hassan, Neurology Specialist at Tawam Hospital, Al Ain provided

insights into the general lines of management of MS and Infertility in Patients.

Dr. Ahmed Farw, a Neurology Specialist at Mediclinic Hospital, discussed the overall adverse

effects of medications for MS.

One of the highlights of the supporting group event is the presence of Muna Al Harbi who is

a Transformation & Personal Growth Coach and Member of NMSS UAE. She shared her own

experience with the audience regarding MS promoting self-confidence and approaches to

dealing with individuals who are affected by MS.

The supporting group proved to be a delightiul event as it offered an inclusive platiorm for

the audience to engage in discussions as well as exchange their experiences and


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