Healthcare Awareness in UAE

Healthcare Awareness in UAE

Role of MCO to Enhance the Healthcare Awareness in UAE

UAE, one of the most important countries of the Middle East, 7th in the world in terms of per capita GDP, still lacks when it comes to medical awareness among common people. Most of the people are not even aware about medical facilities that are available in UAE. India has a medical tourism sector estimated to be worth US$ 3 Billion with a projection of US$7-8 billion by 2020; the astonishing fact is that a major part of this revenue comes from UAE people.
In an article published recently online, it is said that UAE women lack awareness on serious medical issues. In a survey of 1000 women, 91% didn’t have enough knowledge of PCOS, which is one of the most common problems faced by women.
It’s very obvious that treatment is the later phase, the first phase should be having sufficient knowledge about most common medical problems. As they say correctly, a war cannot be fought without knowing the enemy.

MCO – As Medical Events Organizer in UAE

Fortunately some organizations like MCO and other now a days are organizing Medical events regularly which are open to all. These events talk about various problems of the medical industry. If this article is being read by any individual who is in the medical sector, they would be delighted to know that participation in these events will also give them CME hours.
Now a days government is also trying to educate people about various medical conditions and how to treat them. Since our next generation is the backbone of our country, the ministry of health has recently launched a campaign with the objective of educating people about ADHD in children. The name of the campaign is ‘Generation Health,’ which is trying to make people understand about the importance of early diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, i.e. ADHD.
UAE is still a favorite among foreigners for travelling purpose. UAE can take advantage of that and can improve the medical tourism of UAE. The medical tourism will also help the Pharma market of UAE and these will ultimately help the total eco-system only.
For more information about upcoming medical events, keep an eye here. Stay well.

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