How to Stay Fit in Our Fast Life?

How to Stay Fit in Our Fast Life?

A lot of people think that they can stay fit and healthy by taking the right medicine at the right time. This, indeed is a myth. Staying fit and taking proper medication are entirely different things altogether. In fact, it would be wise to state that if you stay fit (and there’s certain ways of staying fit), you might not even need medicines.
In our day to day life if we are not physically fit, we are lagging behind. Thus it’s very important to understand the value of physical fitness and work towards making it even better. Recently Dubai Health Authority announced smart projects. There are various projects under this and few of these projects are ‘Happiness Prescription’, ‘Healthy Living’ etc. ‘Happiness Prescription’ aims to treat patients not only by prescribing medicines but also by suggesting a nutritional and physical program to each patient. However ‘Healthy Living’ aims to encourage people to burn calories while sitting in public places by having mobile pedals.
Fitness is not getting skinnier, it’s also not about only getting muscles. Fitness is about feeling fit from inside, irrespective of how you look outside. We should focus more on fitness and less on the outlook we have.
We have seven quick tips to stay fit and these are considering the fact that in our daily busy lives, we might not have enough time to devote some to fitness. If you stay fit which will lead to developing a better immunity system, you might not even need to have medicines at all.

Here are Some Easy Ways to Stay Fit:

1. Diet:

If you are not having a good diet, no matter how hard you work for your fitness, you will never be fit. That doesn’t mean you will need to have a very customized diet (considering we have less time) but all you need to do is to avoid oily food, high calorie food at night, too much sugar in your drinks.

2. Exercise:

Since we are all busy, many of us don’t get the time to hit the gym. So here’s five quick things which you can do each day which will help you burn some calories
a. Climb those stairs as much as you can
b. After your lunch, walk for 10 minutes.
c. Talk while walk. When you are meeting someone, and if it’s not a confidential meeting, walk while you talk.
d. Try to walk quickly(Higher pace) while you are at office
e. If possible work on a standing desk

3. Water:

Try to consume 8-10 glasses of water each day. The problem is often we forget to take water. Now a days there are a lot of mobile apps which you will remind you to take water.

4. Sitting Posture:

Make sure when you sit at your desk, you sit with the right posture.
a. Keep your back straight
b. Distribute your body weights on your both hips evenly
In a nutshell, fitness is a combination of both physical and mental fitness. Be happy and take care of your body, you will win the world.
c. Keep your feel flat at the floor.

5. Mental fitness:

Along with your physical fitness, mental fitness is also very important. Here are few advices
a. Don’t bring your work home
b. Don’t take stress for work or for some other reasons
c. Sleep early and sleep for at least 6-8 hours a day
d. Depression is a disease, don’t underestimate it. If you are feeling it, go and see a doctor.
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