An Evidence Based Review On Vitamin D’s Role in Respiratory Diseases

An Evidence Based Review On Vitamin D’s Role in Respiratory Diseases

Vitamin D is one of the most widely studied vitamins in last ten years. Researchers in the field continue to get more data worldwide on its role in the regulation of various biological bodily functions which is mostly observational at present and the quality of evidence is moderate in view of the predominately small trials.

Link between Respiratory Diseases

Dr. Saicharan G Bodi, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, said that vitamin D may also have a role in the lung development, which could likely explain the association between vitamin D deficiency and lung disease in the absence of alterations in immune regulation. Low serum vitamin D levels have been linked to increased airway hyper responsiveness, impaired lung function, increased exacerbation frequency, and reduced corticosteroid responsiveness in asthma.

Study on Asthma & Vitamin D

A recent data also looked at early vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy and childhood asthma outcomes. The addition of vitamin D supplements to standard asthma medication can lead to fewer severe asthma attacks in patients with mild to moderate asthma, according to a recent Cochrane review in 2016. Studies have clearly analyzed the beneficial effect of vitamin D on responses to respiratory infection, viral infections in particular.
Other major respiratory diseases where there is emerging data on vitamin D association are Cystic fibrosis, Tuberculosis, Pulmonary artery hypertension, interstitial lung diseases, Lung cancer, diffuse parenchymal diseases etc. Finally, further extensive investigations are needed to determine whether long term supplementation with vitamin D helps in the disease outcomes in chronic lung diseases.
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