6th International Multidisciplinary Breast Conference: The Art of Escalation and De-Escalation of Therapy

6th International Multidisciplinary Breast Conference: The Art of Escalation and De-Escalation of Therapy

An epic breakthrough in the history of the Breast Conferences was achieved by the 6th International Multidisciplinary Breast Conference, the art of escalation and de-escalation of therapy, for its three-day conference, which was held from 2nd to 4th March 2023 at the Raffles Dubai, United Arab Emirates, boasting a total estimate of 5,920+ delegates across the world in hybrid format, comprising 307 physical delegates who were present at the Raffles Dubai and 5,613 virtual delegates who joined the conference online.

The conference with 30 accredited CME Hours by the Department of Health Abu Dhabi brought together healthcare professionals, researchers, and scientists from across the globe to discuss and exchange knowledge on the latest advancements in breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and management.

The expert conference scientific commitee was formulated with three Co-Chairs: Dr. Mohamed Al-Bashir, Consultant General & Breast Surgery at Levantine Medical Center, Visiting Surgeon at Ain Alkhaleej & Burjeel Royal Hospital, UAE; Dr. Mahmoud El Tamer, Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, Surgical Oncology & Reconstruction at Memorial Sloan Ketering Cancer Center, New York, USA; and Dr. Hassan Jaafar, Consultant Medical Oncologist at Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Adding to them, Dr. Tamer Fady Youssef Yacoub, Consultant general surgery at Burjeel Royal hospital, Alain, UAE, and Dr. Muna Alayyan, Breast Surgeon and Assistant Director for medical affair at Saqr hospital Director, Adjunct associate Dean / RAK MHSU, were also served as organizing commitee members.

The commitee has invited these revered healthcare professionals as speakers and moderators with their unique and diverse scientific topics to cover the agenda spanning across Breast CA Genetics, HR+ HER2 – Breast CA, TN & HER2+ BC, Tumor Board, Special Scenarios/Topics, and Loco Reginal Therapy. Likewise, workshop sessions were raised on the most dynamic and controversial topics facing clinicians in the field of breast cancer in an exciting interactive forum that enhanced the healthcare professional’s knowledge.

Day 1 and the first half of Day 2 consisted of three Incomparable Educative Workshops discussed the most recent advancements and developments in breast surgery. The Oncoplastic Course Workshop had two parts a Didactic Course and a Hands-on workshop. The panel of faculties comprised of Dr. Mahmoud El Tamer, Dr. Tibor Kovacs, Dr. Mohamed Al-Bashir, Dr. Burcu Celet Ozden, Dr. Tamer Fady Youssef Yacoub, and Dr. Yazan Masannat. The objectives of the workshop were Learn principles of Oncoplastic breast surgery, How to select patients for different types of procedures?, Prevention and management of different complications of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, Practical hands-on approach to learn main Oncoplastic Breast Surgery techniques, Learn certain tips from experts on how to avoid and prevent complications, and Apply state-of-the-art therapies and strategies in your practice.

Another workshop on Leadership, AI & Wellness Workshop for Healthcare Providers, directed by Dr. Rola Shaheen and organized by WILL (Women’s Imaging & Leadership Lab), focused on many aspects such as Enabling Effective Communication, Leveraging AI & Empowering Women for Peak Performance, Provide tools for optimizing effective communications with patients and healthcare providers in the cancer care continuum, Highlight the roles of multidisciplinary cancer care approach & seting patients’ expectations for improved cancer patients’ outcome, Discuss impact of AI in healthcare, leveraging media & addressing healthcare providers burnout, and Showcase inspiring journeys of women’s physicians who influence through leading by example, giving back, balancing life/work equation. The faculties were “Dr. Julie Gralow, Dr. Derek Muradali, Dr. Natalie Whiting, Ms. Tania Kolar, Dr. Sawsan Abdul Salam Al Madhi, Dr. Chris O’Connor, Dr. Heba Kotb, Dr. Ayesha Almemari, Dr. Lamees Abu Halaiqa, Dr. Houriya Kazim, Dr. Supriya Kulkarni, and Dr. Alexandra Economacos.

Day 2 started with the Breast Reconstruction and Radiation Therapy Workshop handled by Dr. Mahmoud El Tamer, Dr. Fady Geara, Dr. Mohamed Al-Bashir, Dr. Burcu Celet Ozden, Dr. Meena S. Moran, Dr. Yazan Masannat, and Dr. Yazid Belkacemi. The unique workshop Emphasized multidisciplinary approach and cooperation among radiation oncologists and Surgeons, and helped to learn indications for radiation therapy post mastectomy and challenges faced in delivering radiation therapy atier breast reconstruction and to understand the effects of radiation therapy on different breast reconstruction techniques.

The second half of Day 2 and the final day of the conference was rich with instructive lectures on multidisciplinary breast cancer topics handled by a group of experts. A total of 6 sessions were moderated by Dr. Ahmad Matalkah, Dr. Aladdin Maaraoui, Dr. Dina Hamza, Prof. Dr. Ernest Johan Theodoor Luiten, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Dakka, Dr. Mohammed Jouda, Dr. Rita A. Sakr, Dr. Wisam Ismail, Prof. Dr. Marwan Ghosn, and Dr. Maroun El Khoury.

The panel of renowned speakers consisted of Dr. Amina Illas, Dr. George Plitas, Dr. Hannah Y. Wen, Dr. Humaid Al Shamsi, Dr. Julie R. Gralow, Dr. Kevin S. Hughes, Dr. Mark E. Robson, Dr. Meteb Al-foheidi, Dr. Rola Shaheen, Dr. Sana Al-Sukhun, Dr. Susan K. Boolbol, Dr. Yazid Belkacemi, Dr. Burcu Celet Ozden, Dr. Meena S. Moran, Dr. Yazan Masannat, Prof. Dr. Hamdy A Azim, Prof. Nagi S. El Saghir, Ms. Tania Kolar, Dr. Heba Kotb, Dr. Tibor Kovacs, and Dr. Stephen R. Grobmyer.

The 6th International Multidisciplinary Breast Conference, focused on the theme the art of escalation and de-escalation of therapy was a highly successful event that provided valuable insights into the latest research and advancements in the field of breast health. Atendees were able to engage with experts from various disciplines, share their experiences and ideas, and learn about the latest treatments and techniques. The conference was well-organized and provided an excellent platiorm for collaboration and knowledge exchange. We look forward to the next edition of this important event.

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