3rd Primary Care Conference 2023: Recapping a Productive Conference Experience

3rd Primary Care Conference 2023: Recapping a Productive Conference Experience

Primary healthcare is essential for all healthcare professionals to address a wide range of

health needs to prevent diseases and promote the well-being of individuals.

The 3rd Primary Care Conference, held on May 12, 2023, and organized by HealthPlus

Network of Specialty Centers, A Mubadala Health Partner, aimed to provide insights on the

latest advancements in identifying diagnostic, prognostic, and treatment needs for various


This single-day conference was densely packed with a diverse array of subjects that hold

relevance across multiple specialties. The conference offered a platform for 18 local and

worldwide renowned speakers to share their ideas and raise awareness. These experts are

dedicated to discussing and enhancing the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals

leading to improved patient care.

The Conference chair, Dr. Samina Ahmad, Consultant in Family Medicine, Head of Primary

Care at UEMS, and Medical Director for HealthPlus Family Centers, stated, “We believe

primary care demands proficient family and general physicians dedicated to disease

prevention and early detection in both primary and secondary care contexts.”

The 3rd edition of the Primary Care Conference was an exceptional and great opportunity for

all healthcare professionals in numerous specialties eager to acquire knowledge and build

skills that are relevant to their career advancement.

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