Highlighting the Successes of the 6th Edition of the Geriatric & Senior Citizens Conference

Highlighting the Successes of the 6th Edition of the Geriatric & Senior Citizens Conference

The conference chairman, Dr. Abdulla Saeed Al Ali, Consultant of Geriatric Medicine at Zayed

Military Hospital, welcomed healthcare professionals, researchers, practitioners, and experts

in the field of Geriatrics to the conference that was held on 20 May 2023. It is a platiorm for

exchanging knowledge and expertise to explore beter solutions for beter treatment of


This single-day conference consisted of 4 sessions covering 13 topics.

The first session focused on Geriatric Medicine discussing topics such as Updates in Geriatric

Literature, Approach to Vision Issues, Polypharmacy, and Deprescribing.

The second session covered Geriatric Neuropsychiatry addressing the diagnosis, treatment,

and management of disorders in older adults such as bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, and

neuroimaging for neurocognitive disorder.

The third session touches upon Geriatric Subspecialties covering renal disorders, common

infections, and common pulmonary disorders in the elderly.

The last session was regarding Geriatric Medicine II discussing the latest advancements in

technology innovation in elderly care, the role of positive psychology and lifestyle medicine

on the quality of life, and the hazards of hospitalization.

It was a noteworthy experience for healthcare professionals offering insights crucial to

improving diagnosis and treatments for senior citizens.

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