Emirates Neurology Virtual Conference

Emirates Neurology Virtual Conference

An epic breakthrough in the history of the virtual conference was achieved by the Emirates Neurology Society (EMINS) for its three-day Congress on Emirates Neurology from February 4 – 6, 2021, boasting a total estimate of 16, 588+ delegates all across the world. The event with 21 approved CME accreditation has brought an unparalleled list of speakers in the field of Neurology to discuss the most comprehensive analysis, treatments, updates, and scientific research all related to neurological disorders. The scientific committee chaired by Dr. Suhail Abdulla AlRukn, Conference Chairman has invited these revered healthcare professionals as speakers and moderators with their unique and diverse scientific topics to cover the agenda spanning across Pathophysiology of Headache to Non-Motor Parkinson Manifestation and Treatment.

Under the sponsorship of Roche, Novartis, Lilly, Biologix, Sanofi Genzyme, Genpharm, GSK, Lundbeck, Boehringer Ingelheim, Abbvie, Merck, Pharmax, Hikma, and ProPharma, this event has been the first webinar ever managed by Medetarian Conferences Organizing (MCO) to smash the record for the most attended virtual assembly with its seamless execution on the digital platform arena.

Conference Chairman himself Dr. Suhail Abdulla AlRukn has delivered his welcome address and expressed his overwhelming gratitude for a remarkable attendance at the onset in which he also applauded the unwavering support of the sponsors and the creative organizing team.

To recapitulate the three sessions on day one, Dr. Suzan Ibrahim Noori was appointed as the first Moderator introducing us to Prof. Peter Rieckmann as he discussed his topic on MS Pathophysiology Update and followed by a Question and Answer portion. Then, we’re able to hear Dr. Mohammed Asif Dogar as he took the virtual floor with his great clinical analysis on Neuro Radiology in Demyelinated Disorders. Dr. Jihad Inshasi moderated the second session with a back to back MS Debate between Dr. Ruqqia Mir and Dr. Mustafa Shakra. We’re blessed to hear Prof. Christoph Kleinschnitz from Germany as he gave his discussion with such profound clarity on the topic of The Latest on SPMS followed by a precise talk on TYSABRI: The Power You Need: The Experience You Trust For Your Highly Active RRMS Patients by Dr. Miklos Szolis. Dr. Jihad Inshasi still moderated session three with Dr. Anu Jacob sharing his clinical research study MOG Update. From Lebanon, Dr. Bassem Yamout gave a nice discussion related to Pregnancy in MS. And then we witnessed a side by side dialogue on Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) between Dr. Ahmed Shatila and Dr. Taoufik Alsaadi. Dr. Bassem Yamout has returned to the podium to deliver his final talk on Long Term Evidence on the Use of Aubagio for Managing RRMS.

Conference Chairman of the Scientific Committee Dr. Abubaker Al Madani has graced the virtual floor on the day-two conference. He commended the audience for the constant participation and expressing as well his gratitude to all speakers across the world.

To recapitulate the three sessions on day two, Dr. Mohammed Al Kuwaiti was appointed as Moderator giving us a brief biographical introduction to all speakers starting with Dr. Abdulrazaq Albilali as he talked about Pathophysiology of Headache followed by Dr. Jasem Al Hashel on his delivery of Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias. President of the Headache Center of Southern California, USA, Dr. Andrew Blumenfeld has also shared a back to back discussion on Choosing the Efficient Acute Treatment for Migraine and CGRP in Migraine Prevention. Dr. Mustafa Shakra has returned as a session Moderator opening the virtual stage for Dr. Deeb Kayed with his topic on Practical Approach to Headache During Pregnancy and Puerperium followed this time on Cervical Region Pain discussion presented by Dr. Ziad Elchami. Dr. Abubaker Al Madani has also shared his insights as he discussed Management of Medication Overuse Headache. Dr. Alessandro Terruzzi was also appointed as Moderator as he welcomed Dr. Martin Ruttledge from the UK sharing his thoughts on Aimovig, The Longest Studied Anti-CGRP. On the New Era for Acute Treatments in Migraine Management, Prof. Richard Lipton has discussed this topic with such precise medical accuracy and then followed by Prof. Dawn Buse who gave us a very succinct argument on the topic of Unmet Medical Needs in the Management of Migraine, What the Patients Need. Returning speaker Dr. Mohammed Asif Dogar closed the final session with his raw analysis on Neuro Radiology in CVT. Throughout the sessions, all speakers were moderated for the Question and Answer portion by Dr. Mohammed Al Kuwaiti, Dr. Mustafa Shakra, and Dr. Alessandro Terruzzi.

On the final day of the congress with a staggering 5.7k attendees, Dr. Suhail Abdulla AlRukn was back on the virtual podium to commence another set of dynamic sessions packed with the new line of speakers and scientific discussions.

To recapitulate the three sessions on day three, returning speaker and moderator Dr. Ruqqia Mir has introduced us to our esteemed first speaker Dr. Derk Krieger who shared his wonderful research and clinical based study on Stroke: 3 Sessions – New Thrombolitic Modality of Treatment. This topic was supplemented with the discussion of Expand the Acute Stroke Management Window by one of our prominent speakers Dr. Maria Khan Junaidi. Dr. Derk Krieger with his inborn wit for setting an academic argument was also tasked as session moderator. Speaking on the virtual stage was Dr. Abdallah Mohammed Al-Salti who provided a very interesting examination and luminous presentation on the poetic subject of Not in the Head, It is in their Muscles. Prof. Dr. Mag. Eugen Trinka from Austria gave us his dialogue On Clinical Profile and Unique Mechanism of Action of AEDs which then transitioned to Dr. Karan Poddar’s Antiepileptic Therapy in Women with Epilepsy. For the final session, Dr. Suhail Abdulla AlRukn welcomed Dr. Pournamy Sarathchandran as she intricately provided clinical investigation on Early Parkinson Management and was complemented by Dr. Shivam Om Mittal’s discussion on Late Parkinson Management. Further on the same wavelength of the argument, we’re able to grasp very arresting information revolving around Parkinson’s as Dr. Vittorio Iantorno expanded the topic with his broad clinical knowledge on Non-Motor Parkinson Manifestation and Treatment. This session was concluded with a great tremor (no pun intended) with Dr. Pierre Krystkowiak’s significant findings on Tremor Approach.

Watch the uninterrupted virtual congress on our YouTube channel to enjoy an encyclopedic learning session at your home convenience.

The Emirates Neurological Virtual Conference has been an insightful event filled with exciting and fruitful conversations from our international and local speakers. The EMINS group would like to thank all of you for the support and confidence in which this Congress has made an impactful difference for the common greater good of our society. It has been a great experience to witness an incredible achievement from each individual who contributed their time and effort in making this important event a successful one.

To claim your CME, just fill out the evaluation form that was sent to your email or write us at info@mco.ae for support.

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