Health Problems of Carrying Heavy School Bags

Health Problems of Carrying Heavy School Bags

They say that there is no more childhood even in children. And we cannot argue otherwise because we are to be blamed for that. When they should be playing and learning and enjoying, we have overburdened them with the school bag. No, I am not against their education but the sheer weight they carry everyday on their backs can harm them in serious ways. The bulky school bag is making its presence felt in both physiological and psychological ways.
New age health related problems in children has seen a major rise in back and neck aches. Doctors believe that the only remedial solution is if and whether the schools put a check on this excessive baggage. But the question is if the schools are willing to do it! Present generation children carry much more weight on their shoulders than their previous generations. This back breaking labour is ultimately taking its toll.
The curriculum these days are so demanding that it becomes imperative for the children to carry the load. But a heavy bag opens the gateway to several orthopaedic problems. Weight on the shoulders can affect the growth as well apart from the backaches and neck-aches. There is also tremendous pressure on the spine.
The compulsion to carry a heavy school bag makes them feel irritated and a hostile environment is created in their minds for the entire process of learning. They develop hatred or feel that learning is burdensome. The entire machinery – the school, the books, the load, and the teachers, everything comes under a negative canopy. Children aged between 11 to 15 years of age are the ones who are most affected due to heavy schools bags on their backs. Some parents who are aware of this take the effort to buy school bags with padded straps. But it is a small help that is administered. The issue remains unanswered. Our children are our future and it’s about time that we take their issues seriously.

Possible health problems that could arise of carrying a heavy school bag:

• Hunch back
• Backache and Neck-ache
• Spine related problems
• Muscle spasms
• Lack of concentration
• Mental fatigue
• Negativity towards life
• Irritability
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