How Minimally Invasive Surgeries Are Becoming Popular?

Now a days we walk in and out of the operation theatre just like we walk into a movie theatre. Though this might sound a bit exaggerated it is not far from becoming a reality. Walking into the hospital, getting a surgery done and walking out of the hospital on the same day is the ideal scenario for almost everyone who needs to get a surgery done.

The concept started with eye surgeries and it’s now picking up in various other sectors like Cardiology, and Gastroenterology. Many surgeries now a days can be done in a minimally invasive way. This has almost become a hit because it entails less blood loss as well as less stiches. Hospital stay is also cut down by less than half of what it used to be earlier.

This means the entire cost also comes down by a major margin. Doctors are of the opinion that these minimally invasive surgeries have revolutionized the concept of surgery. Many surgeries which earlier required six to seven days of admission can now be done within one or two days. It is a WIN-WIN situation for both patients and care givers.

While people are availing all the modern day facilities and techniques which calls for some expenditure on the patients’ part, patients balance it out because the cost is directly reduced as hospital stay is slashed drastically.
There is also an underline mentality that we heal better and faster at homes. There are also less chances of picking up an infection from the hospital. Post operation or after a major disease our immune system is very weak and we are prone to catching infections from our surroundings. Therefore minimally invasive surgeries are gaining momentum day by day.

In some cases there is no need of a hospital stay at all. In cataract surgeries patients are operated and released on the same day. It also saves family members and relatives from visiting the hospital every day. Doctors say that the post-operative pain is also greatly reduced as there are no major slashes under the scalpel.

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