Live a Healthy Lifestyle in this Winter

Live a Healthy Lifestyle in this Winter

Get Winter Special Healthy Lifestyle in UAE

The winter of UAE is very much different from other countries. There are countries which face extreme drop in temperatures but that is hardly the case in UAE. Since UAE soaks in a lot of sun, the temperature doesn’t drop that much. The average temperature during winter in UAE is 18 degree comparing to 36 degree which is the average temperature of UAE during summer.
Though many might not consider this to be very low but during this period most UAE people face respiratory tract infections which results in diseases like cold, cough, bronchitis etc.

7 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for this Season:

1. Extra caution should be taken for children. During winter they would need more immunity and hence healthy food should be considered. Try to avoid foods which have too much sugar or fat. For adults too it’s very important to take healthy food. If needed you can also consider of eating supplements which have herbs and nutrients like vitamin c, garlic and zinc. Do include winter fruit and vegetables in your diet.
2. As we mentioned in our last blog, vitamin D is very important in our body. In case you are suffering from deficiency of Vitamin D, don’t hesitate to take vitamin D liquids, supplements or tablets after consultation with your doctor. Read our full blog article on Vitamin D here (Hyperlink).
3. Exercising during winter is also very important. Even if you are not regular at the gym during summer, don’t avoid it during winter. Kids should also be either exercising or playing for at least an hour.
4. Sleep well. Try to sleep for 8 hours a day.
5. We often forget to drink enough water during winters as the weather is cooler. But staying hydrated is again very important. Try to drink 2 liters of water each day.
6. Soak in some sun for good. Don’t hesitate to enjoy a sunny morning.
7. If you are facing too much stress or anxiety or if you feel depressed, you should consult with your doctor. You can consider taking B vitamins, which is needed for proper nerve function but only if your doctor suggests so.
These were some effective tips to be followed for this winter season. MCO has more information about all the medical related issues in UAE. Our main focus is to enhance the medical awareness by organizing different healthcare conferences, trainings, CME programs and events in UAE. Check out our upcoming conference.


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