Major Health Related Problems in UAE

Health State of UAE

The factors that affect health are lifestyle, genetic constitution, immunity, environment and others. UAE has become a country where there is a population of 80% expatriates and 20% original inhabitants of the emirates. With this influx of a foreign population over the last decades there has been a considerable change in the pattern of lifestyle. Although over the years we have become an economic superpower but this has indirectly taken a toll on our health in our lives. Yes, we have imbibed the rich man’s disease – Diabetes. Diabetes type II is one of the commonest health problems that has affected our lives in a negative way. And this is on a rise. Although diabetes is not a disease in itself, yet it leads to kidney failure, blindness and paves the way to cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiovascular disorders are on a rise due to the lives we lead. Our jobs literally leaves no time for physical activities and day by day we are becoming couch potatoes. According to a study, Emirati women are most likely to die from heart diseases and stroke, while among the expats, cancer is the most common cause of death followed by heart disease.

Obesity is the main cause of heart related problems. Sedentary lifestyles and high calorific food intake has made obesity rate almost double to that of the world average. Obesity also triggers high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes and cancer. We have an average BMI of above 30 in the UAE. Seven out of ten people, who is above the age of 18 suffers with weight management issues.
Breast cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer and rectal cancer are the most common fatal diseases in UAE. Women account for about 50% of all cancer related deaths. Therefore cancer remains one of the major health issue in the UAE. Apart from these mental health remains a social stigma in our society. Symptoms of depression and overall mental health is completely ignored. It is interesting to know that despite the sunny weather lack of Vitamin D is found in abundant cases. Respiratory infections, bone and joint pain, stomach and bowel disorder are also common problems in the UAE.

There is a sharp rise in the demand for healthcare in the UAE. There is a plan to make Dubai a hub of medical tourism. Health authority of Abu Dhabi and ministry of health have come out for schemes to open more hospitals and healthcare centers in the emirates. Focus has also been placed on maternal and child health. There are plentiful facilities and services that are available now. But there is very little awareness around it. All the information can be found in the internet provided we look for it.