Neuro Series Headache Update

Neuro Series Headache Update

The unparalleled explanatory session on Headache Update, held under the auspices of the Emirates Neurological Society (EMINS) and supported by Lilly, was a grant success with the participation of 760 delegates. The informative session on the on the most stressful condition affecting the balance of life discussed the latest developments in migraine prevention and exemplary cases related to the disorder. A number of compliments were received in the chat box praising the topic selection, the beautiful presentation of the speakers, and the event organizing.

Webinar Chairman Dr. Suhail Abdulla Alrukn, president of Emirates Neurology Society and Consultant Neurologist at Rashid Hospital, UAE, has appointed the panel of speakers that include Dr. Abubaker Al Madani, Senior Neurologist United Medical Center, Wafi Mall, Dubai, UAE, and Dr. Mona Thakre, Consultant Neurologist, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, UAE.  The webinar was attractive with the dedicated interactive question and answer session which helped the participants to clear their doubts and gain knowledge.

Dr. Abubaker Al Madani has focused on the topic of Anti CGRP in Migraine Prevention, which was presented with two cases and six circumstances around the treatment. The first case was referred to a 44-year-old divorced female, who has been suffering from headaches for the last 20 years. Her migraine headache is unilateral, worse with light and noise, and associated with daily photophobia. The Treatment started with Amitriptyline, Topiramate, propranolol, and Botulinum Toxin, but all of them stopped for certain reasons. He explained Sphenopalatine ganglion block and trigger point release in acute migraine treatment and said the patient denied those methods. The treatment continued with Galcanezumab that helped in reducing the MIDAS (Migraine Disability Assessment) from 21 to 12 and headache days from 15 to 9. Galcanezumab showed significant reduction in Migraine Headache Days (MHD). The second case discussed a 65-year-old CEO, who has been suffering from long-standing unilateral migraine headache with MIDAS 24. His treatment started with Galcanezumab Emgality and after 6 months he became free from hospital visits and severity has reduced to 3. Emgality demonstrated significantly higher response rates in the reduction of mean MHDs than Placebo. In the clinical studies, up to 95% of patients completed treatment with Emgality, supporting a favorable safety and tolerability profile. According to Dr. Abubaker Al Madani, Emgality shows high efficacy in episodic and chronic migraine and early and sustained effect.

Dr. Mona Thakre has explained and provided an overview of UNUSUAL Headache syndromes. Her session delivered a small brief on a wide variety of unusual headaches such as Primary cough headache, Ice Cream headache, Headache associated with sexual activity, Primary exercise headache, Hypnic headache, Stabbing Headache, Nummular headache, Exploding headache/nocturnal headaches, and Thunderclap headaches. But, she spoke about Thunderclap headaches in detail with some case examples. There unusual syndromes like Neck Tongue Syndrome, Burning Mouth Syndrome, and Alice in Wonderland Syndrome that affect life balance. According to Dr. Mona, Thunderclap headaches refer to a headache that is very severe and has an abrupt onset, reaching maximum intensity in less than 1 minute. It is not defined solely by its high-intensity pain, but also by the rapidity with which it reaches maximum intensity. She opined that general practitioners should urgently refer a patient with thunderclap headache to the emergency department and, whenever possible, to a hospital with a neurology department. Dr. Mona shared clinical examples of Thunderclap headaches with cases of a 35-year-old female with hypertension and a 37-year-old female with migraine. The session also discussed the cases of recurrent thunderclap headache, reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome, posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome, and post epidural thunderclap headache.

Webinar chairman Dr. Suhail Abdulla Alrukn conducted the Q&A session at the end and expressed his appreciation and sincere gratitude to the members for facilitating the webinar with so many participants.

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