Society Management

Manage and accommodate the queries of members, provide further information to the new and existing associate, and handle membership applications and renewals.

Monthly budget plan, and assisting the Association in obtaining sponsorship for their programs.

A. Determine a suitable venue for the event, arrange A/V needs, catering, flourish and manage event budgets, room reservation for the guests, and advertisement to members, accommodate inquiries, process online and onsite registration.

B. Administering event logistics and onsite coordination

C. Determine topics, conference themes, and develop the agenda.

D. Manage and organize conferences, expos, and technical workshops, board, committee, plenary and member meetings.

E. Managing exhibitions.

F. Projects and Association record and filing.

G. Administering technical, marketing, CME, sponsorship, event, training, certification, and conference programs to ensure a successful outcome.

H. Arrange program management services for all association groups.

A. Implementing strategic and tactical support to the Association in setting the agenda, arranging meeting plans, attending Board committee meetings, facilitating discussions, problem-solving, recording the minutes of meeting and circulating outline of minutes for reassessment and recommendation.

B. Providing complete coordination for meetings either physically or teleconference.

C. Providing best practices operations and management guidance on all facets of association operations.

Consultation on vital improvement with mission, vision, and objectives, and adopting new technologies.

Managing projects to minister to the public, organize humanitarian activities, shape up with environmental sustainability and uphold all society activities.

Connecting with international associations/societies and international KOLs. Collaborate with international congresses to be hosted locally.