The Benefits of Sleep

The Benefits of Sleep

Often we correlate hard work with the duration of sleep. We have a notion that the person who sleeps less is more hardworking as he/she spends more time for work. Often we get to hear many successful people and how less they sleep, someone sleeps for 5 hours and some other only sleep for 4 hours. But do not get carried away with these news. It is never advisable to sleep less if you want to lead a healthy life. What is the point of earning more money and spending more time at hospitals? Here are few benefits of sleep which we should keep in our mind.

6 Important Benefits of Sleep

Improves memory:

Have you ever experienced that if you had an unsound sleep the night before, you find it difficult to concentrate on anything and you end up forgetting few stuffs? Sleep will always help you strengthen your memory.

Improves longevity:

A study which happened on 2010 on women aged between 50 to 79 revealed that women who slept less than 5 hours a day had less longevity. So if you are young and do not understand the importance of sleep now, you might regret it when you are old.

Inflammatory protein:

A 2010 study found that people who sleep less than 5 hours a day have higher C – reactive protein in their body. C-reactive protein is associated with diseases like heart attack.
Also sleep deprived people have higher blood levels of inflammatory proteins which might cause stroke, diabetes, arthritis and premature aging.


Be it a creative task or a physical task, if you sleep less, you might lose on this. A Stanford university study found that college football players who kept sleeping for at least 10 hours a night for 7-8 weeks improved their average sprint time with less fatigue and more stamina.
The same is true for education as well. A study shows that college students who didn’t get enough time to sleep had worse grades than those who did.

Healthy weight:

If you want to have a healthy weight, you cannot do so without considering good amount of sleep. Apart from diet and exercise, sleep is another important component to maintain a healthy weight.

Fights stress, depression:

A good sleep is essential for reducing stress and fight depression too.
Sleep is an important element of our life and often is a forgotten hero as well. Try to sleep 6-8 hours a day at least to lead a healthy life.
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