Pharmacoeconomics Symposium 2017 – Medical Conference

Pharmacoeconomics Symposium 2017 – Medical Conference

Pharmacoeconomics is a sub discipline of health economics and it mainly deals with the value of one drug comparing to the other of the same category, in short words it compares different drugs which cater to the same objective or have the same value.
Though Pharmacoeconomics first emerged in 1970 but the cost effectiveness and cost benefit analysis were first introduced by Rowland and Bootman in 1978 in a paper in AJHP. But as a nation Australia was the first one to begin Pharmacoeconomics as a formal practice and following their league other countries also started using this analysis.
In recent times UAE has seen huge growth in Pharma industry. The current revenue of Pharma market is more than $3 Billion and it’s aiming at $6 Billion by 2020. It’s a proof of rapid growth of Pharma industry in UAE. Where with more than a billion population India is aiming at $55 Billion, with only 9.3 Million people UAE is aiming at $5.7 Billion, which is approx.. $600 per person comparing to $42 per person of India. This data itself proves how big the Pharma market of UAE is.
With more revenue newer products and drugs will be introduced in the market and hence Pharmacoeconomics is becoming more than ever relevant to this market. It’s high time we talk and discuss about Pharmacoeconomics.
MCO is organizing a conference about Pharmacoeconomics in Abu Dhabi on 3rd February, 2017. All details of the conference is given below,
Name: PharmacoEconomics Symposium 2017
Location: Bab Al Qasr Hotel, Abu Dhabi
Date: 3rd February

Featured Topics of the Medical Event:

• UAE Pharmacoeconomic Landscape
• Pharmacoeconomic Evaluation Types
• Cases: Managing the value of Cancer drugs
• Cost effectiveness and Risk management
• Pes application

Key Note Speaker:

Dr. Mohammed Abuelkhair

Objective of the Medical Event:

• Discuss General Pharmacoeconomics principles
• Examine methods of pharmacoeconomics research/application
• Evaluate examples, specifically in diabetes as they apply to the UAE

Who should definitely attend?

Pharmacists, Students


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Looking forward to seeing you at the conference.

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