Infection Prevention – 2017’s Upcoming Conference in UAE

Infection Prevention – 2017’s Upcoming Conference in UAE

Infection Prevention and Control Symposium

Infection control is a vast and broad subject and it is relevant to all countries in the world. In 2011 a total of 721,800 suffered due to infection in US Hospitals which is a huge number. The same year England also saw 300,000 to be infected.
But Infection can be prevented and controlled to certain extent and to be specific, the problem can be reduced by more than 70% by proper method. That is why Infection prevention and control is so relevant.

The most common type of infections is,

• Pneumonia
• Gastrointestinal Illness
• Primary Bloodstream Infections
• Surgical site infections from any inpatient surgery
MCO is organizing “Infection Prevention and Control Symposium” on 10th February in Abu Dhabi. This is a comprehensive learning experience that assists healthcare professionals to learn about the role of environment in disease transmission and how to implement standard and transmission-based precautions to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria and other infections in the clinical settings. This symposium provides updates on current infection prevention and control guidelines, including new definition of CDC 2015.
All details related to this symposium is given below,
Name: Infection Prevention & Control Symposium
Date: 10th February and 11th February
Location: Abu Dhabi City

Conference Speakers:

• Alaa Mohammad Ahmed
• Mostafa kamal Attia
• Shafi Mohammed
• Lara Al Qadi
• Dr. Nabeel Al Yateem
• Mohammad Ghaleb Mohammad
• Dr. Mini Ravi
• Mini RadhaKrishnan
• Dr. Marthinus Johannes Pitout
• Stefan Weber
• Hani Mohamad Zeidan
• Abeer Mohammed Khalaf
• Dr. Maqsood Muhammad Khan
• Dr. Kalpana Mothukapalli
• Dr. Haytan Ali Taha

Who Should Attend Our Event?

• Pathologists
• Microbiologists
• Infection Diseases Consultants
• Infection Control Nurses
• Nurse Managers
• Nurses
• Patient Safety Managers
• Intensivists Internists
• Medical Technologists
• Medical Laboratory
• Supervisors Clinical Scientists
• Laboratory Technologist
• Epidemiologists
• Internal Medicines
• Consultants Infection Control Personnel
• General Practitioners
• Clinical Pharmacists


• Basic Microbiology
• Hand Hygiene
• Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilization
• Standard and Transmission Based Precautions
• Environment of Care
• Outbreak and Infection Emergencies, Reportable Conditions
• Safe Injection Practices
• Preventing Employee Infections
• Infection Control Risk Assessment and Audit Tools
• Infection Control Role In Construction and Renovation
• The Role of IP
• Epidemiology and Surveillance
• Outbreaks and Infection Emergencies (Advanced)
• Patient Engagement
• Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection Definition & Prevention
• Central Line Associated BSI: Definition & Prevention
• Surgical Site Infection Introduction and Surveillance
• Surgical Site Infection Prevention and Management
• Pneumonia Prevention
• ABC of Antibiotic Resistance
• Multidrug Resistant Organism
• MDRO and Clostridium Difficile Infection Prevention
• Antibiotic Stewardship Program
Looking forward to seeing you at the symposium. Register here.

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