Vitamin D Deficiency Higher in Immigrants to European Countries

Vitamin D Deficiency Higher in Immigrants to European Countries

Most Affected by Vitamin D

Risk factors for vitamin D deficiency among migrants include dark-skin pigmentation, cultural practices such as veiling and insufficient sunlight exposure in the host country. It’s common among dark-skinned individuals who migrate to high- northern or low southern latitudes.

Study Found Somali Migrants Suffers the Most

Dr. Pawel Pludowski, The Children’s Memorial Health Institute, Warsaw, Poland, said that vitamin D deficiency is associated with adverse health in dark-skinned individuals who have migrated to countries at higher latitudes. Somali women who have migrated to Sweden have increased muscle weakness compared with ethnic Swedish women and low bone mineral density compared with white American and African American reference populations.
In a recent study, pre-migration latitude also was found to be an important factor for vitamin D deficiency. That is, the lower the pre-migration latitude, the higher the risk for vitamin D deficiency posts migration. The study also found that the pre-migration latitude predicted future risk for CVD in migrants. It seems that more attention is required to eradicate vitamin D deficiency among migrants.
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