Why do Women have Longer Lifespans Than Men?

Why do Women have Longer Lifespans Than Men?

A lot of people might not be aware of the fact that women always tend to live longer than men and that is true for the all the countries. The world average is 73.5 for females and 68.5 for males. With a population of 9.5 million people, the life expectancy for UAE is 78.6 and 76.4 for females and males respectively. Per 1000 people probability of dying between the ages 15 to 60 for males is 84 vs 59 for females.

But why does this happen, why do women live longer than men? Here are few reasons,

Cardiovascular Disease

The probability of being attacked by cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, stroke for women is between the ages of 70 to 80, whereas for men the age range is between 60-70, i.e. 10 years earlier than women.

Iron Deficiency

Women have less iron in their body as compared to men. Iron plays a major role in our body in generating free radicals which is responsible for ageing of cell faster. In simpler words, women’s cells age slower than that of men.

Immunity system

Researcher at Imperial College believe that Women are born with a better immunity system than men. They have found that women produce more WBC which fights infection better.

Social Connections:

Women have better social connections than men. Study says people with stronger social connections have 50% less probability of dying early.

Taking care of Health:

Women take care of their health better. Men are 24% more likely to visit a doctor in a year and 22% more likely to miss a cholesterol testing. In easy words, women are more careful and serious about their health.

Men are more Daredevil

And most important, men are always more daredevil than women which often results in fatal situations. The frontal lobes of the brain which is responsible for responsibility and risk calculation develop much slowly in men than women, which is why you might have seen pictures like these, having said that we would strongly recommend not to be a Daredevil, because, you are not.
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