CME Importance in UAE Healthcare Industry

CME Plays Vital Role in Achieving the Target of UAE Healthcare

As per US based healthcare experts, high quality continuing medical education (CME) will play a major role in improving the healthcare industry and thus helping to reach the target which UAE has for 2021. According to them CME will help physicians to improve their care and competence in the UAE and across the region.

In our previous article, we talked about the importance of CME and how all healthcare professionals should work to keep up with current knowledge since medical field is a fast moving and dynamic field. We discussed how MCO as an organization can help this sector!

When UAE has a vision of ranking its healthcare industry in top 20 by 2021 along with other targets (for e.g. increasing revenue of Pharma market to $5.7 Billion by 2020), it’s very important that all healthcare professionals understand the importance of CME. Experts says there is a renewed focus and energy on the quality of education offered to the medical practitioners of the country.

The UAE healthcare industry has seen major improvements in last few years. As per 2016 Legatum Prosperity Index, UAE jumped from 34th in 2015 to 28th position in 2016 in global healthcare ranking. It is a proof that the 20th position by 2021 might look difficult but not impossible at all.

CME is still a requirement for most GCC healthcare professionals, therefore it is imperative that CME will also be a major requirement in the course of this journey.

We encourage all healthcare professionals, not only physicians but nurses, pharmacists, medical students and other healthcare professionals to keep an eye on our upcoming events. All our events has certain CME credits. We structure our events in such a manner that everyone is benefited with latest technologies, equipment, recent changes, and best practices. With the experience of organizing more than 100 events, we are considered as leaders in healthcare events in UAE.

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