5 Common Health Myths

5 Common Health Myths

Myth Breaker 2: Common Myths about Health

In our Myth breaker series here goes the second article about some common myths about health. Since our childhood we have been keeping some common beliefs about our health and often we don’t go back and check if they are scientific or not, if there are any logic behind these beliefs or not. In this article we will be trying to address few of these beliefs.

Myth 1: Drink 8 Glasses of Water Each Day

Truth: There’s no need to count them at all. Our body is gifted and it automatically gives sign when it needs water. If your urine is dark yellow, it means you would need more water. Else just drink when you feel thirsty.

Myth 2: If you Feel Cold, You Might Get Cold

Truth: It is a misconception completely. In fact sometimes experiencing low temperature might even increase your immunity. You are more likely to catch a cold if you stay indoors, where germs can be passed on easily.

Myth 3: Burning Calorie is Directly Proportional to Sweating

Truth: More the sweat might not mean always more burning calorie. Sweating is a biological process to cool your body temperature but this does not always result to calorie burning.

Myth 4: If you are Indoors you Don’t Need Sunscreen

Truth: It’s a very common belief to use sunscreen only when you are out in the sun. But actually it is smarter to wear sunscreen always. Sunscreen protects us both from UVA or UVB rays. Though UVB can’t penetrate window glass but UVA does and that is the reason you need sunscreen indoors too.

Myth 5: You can Catch up on Your Sleep on Weekends

Truth: If you are always sleep deprived on week days, you cannot catch it up on weekends by sleeping extra. Plus less sleep might give you some immediate consequences, for e.g. if you sleep less, probability is very high that you would end up eating more the next day.
We will come back with more myth breaker articles, till then have a healthy life.
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